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  • Protein Reagent Kit

    Glycan Profiling Assay Reagent Kit

    The Glycan Screening Reagent Kit is designed for the LabChip GXII, LabChip GXII Touch HT and LabChip GXII Touch 24 microfluidic systems. It provides a fast, economically efficient means to assess the main glycoforms of IgG and related proteins.
    List Price : 470.00 USD
  • Microfluidics Chip for Protein

    High Resolution LabChip GXII

    The High Resolution LabChip® is designed to be compatible with the Glycan Screening Assay and Low Molecular Weight Protein Assay on the LabChip® GXII microfluidic capillary electrophoresis (CE-SDS) platform. This chip is available in a single pack.
    Price Range : 696.00 USD - 1086.00 USD