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  • Microfluidics Chip for Genomics

    DNA 1K / 12K / Hi Sensitivity Assay LabChip

    The reusable single sipper chips allow the LabChip GX/GXII to aspirate samples directly from microplates.
    List Price : 1124.00 USD
  • DNA / RNA Reagent Kit

    DNA High Sensitivity Reagent Kit

    The LabChip DNA High Sensitivity Reagent kit can be used on either version of the LabChip® GX Touch Nucleic Acid Analyzer. Genomic analysis of samples is performed with either LabChip consumable CLS138948 (LabChip GX Touch 24 system) or 760517 (LabChip GX Touch HT system) and delivers accurate, reproducible results rapidly.
    List Price : 1021.00 USD