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  • PhenoVue Fluor 647 - Goat Anti-Mouse Antibody, Cross-Adsorbed

    PhenoVue Fluor 647 - Goat Anti-Mouse Antibody Cross-Adsorbed

    Cross-Adsorbed goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) antibody conjugated with PhenoVue Fluor 647.

    PhenoVue Fluor 647 secondary antibody conjugates exhibit bright red-orange fluorescence and are validated for use in high-content screening applications.

    Part of PerkinElmer’s portfolio of cellular imaging reagents, the PhenoVue Fluor - 647 goat anti-mouse antibody, cross-adsorbed, has a maximum excitation wavelength of 650nm and a maximum emission wavelength of 670nm.

    List Price : 207.00 USD