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  • IVISense Fluorescent Dyes (VivoTag)

    Label antibodies, small molecules, proteins, or peptides with IVISense NIR fluorescent dyes.


    PerkinElmer’s IVISense fluorescent dyes (VivoTag®) for labeling antibodies, small molecules, proteins, or peptides are designed specifically to enable customized development of novel superbright fluorescent imaging agents. Dye properties, such as excellent brightness, hydrolytic stability, and photostability, as well as selection for minimal interaction with biological tissue for no potential loss of specificity, have been optimized and validated for use in in vivo or in vitro imaging.

    Available as NHS esters or maleimide reactive dyes for conjugation to either free amine (-NH3) or free thiol (-SH) containing molecules. Conjugate an optimal 1-3 dyes onto your protein or choose self-quenching dyes to make your own custom fluorogenic probes.

    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    Price Range : 212.00 USD - 830.00 USD