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  • Receptor-expressing cell lines

    AequoZen FroZen cells, Muscarinic M5, Human Recombinant, CHO-K1

    Our frozen, irradiated AequoZen cells express a variety of GPCRs which all couple to a calcium response. Upon GPCR stimulation and subsequent calcium binding to the aequorin oxidation of coelenterazine leads to emission of light. No cell culture is required prior to testing, for these frozen cells.
    List Price : 1214.00 USD
  • Receptor-expressing cell lines

    Muscarinic M5 AequoScreen cell line

    Stable, recombinant AequoScreen® cell line expressing aequorin and the Muscarinic acetylcholine M5 receptor, human recombinant in CHO-K1 host cells.