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  • RediJect Inflammation Probe Explorer Kit

    IVISbrite MPO 425 Chemiluminescent Probes - RediJect Solution (XenoLight)

    IVISbrite MPO 425 Chemiluminescent Probe in RediJect Solution ((XenoLight RediJect Inlammation Probe) is an in vivo imaging reagent for monitoring Inflammation. This probe is available in a ready-to-use format and can be conveniently applied to study myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity of activated phagocytes.

    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    Price Range : 145.00 USD - 365.00 USD
  • RediFect™ Lentiviral Particles

    IVISbrite Lentiviral Particles (RediFect)

    Create the bioluminescent cell line you need

    Stably-transduce cells with prepackaged IVISbrite Lentiviral Particles (RediFect Lentiviral Particles) expressing a combination of novel luciferases and a fluorescent protein for monitoring tumor growth, tracking primary or stem cells in vivo, and other applications.

    PerkinElmer’s IVISbrite lentiviral particles contain Red F-luc, the same red-shifted firefly luciferase (Luciola Italica) as our IVISbrite tumor cell lines, for a stable bioluminescent signal excellent for deep tissue imaging; or use our green-shifted Renilla luciferase (Renilla reniformis) transgene. Both offer efficient transduction of a wide variety of mammalian cell lines including most cancer cell lines, primary, stem and non-dividing cells. Bioluminescent cells can be imaged using our luciferin or coelenterazine substrates.

    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    Price Range : 1915.00 USD - 1919.00 USD