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  • PerkinElmer

    Brownlee SPP C18 Column

    High purity, general purpose Octadecyl (C18) phase with wide selectivity. Recommended for the reverse phase separation of acidic, basic, or neutral compounds.

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  • Application Note

    Cannabinoid Monitoring in a Variety of Edibles

    This application describes the sample preparation and analytical method for the chromatographic separation and quantitative monitoring of twelve primary cannabinoids in the extracts of several food matrices by HPLC, using photodiode array (PDA) detection. The method provides exceptional chromatographic repeatability and affords LOQs well below the current concentration levels of interest for cannabinoids in edibles. Thereupon, the method/procedure defined herein can be expected to fulfill the essential task of ensuring product uniformity and cannabinoid screening in edible foods.

  • Application Note

    High Speed Chromatographic Analysis of 16 Cannabinoids by HPLC-PDA

    Current trends for the analysis of the cannabinoid content in cannabis flower extracts/concentrates and commercially available fortified foods depend on liquid chromatography for potency testing and/or ensuring the label-claim accuracy in product content descriptions. This application note describes a fast and robust chromatographic method for the separation and quantitation of 16 cannabinoids commonly analyzed in cannabis-centric labs, using the PerkinElmer Flexar HPLC system with a PDA detector. To further validate the performance of this method for the industry, The Emerald Test Proficiency Test (PT) for Potency was conducted. The Emerald Test™ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis testing labs. The results from the PT inter-laboratory samples passed; therefore, the method meets inter-laboratory reproducibility and accuracy.