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  • Rabbit bed for Quantum microCT imaging system

    Rabbit bed for Quantum microCT

    This accessory allows the analysis of rabbit species in the Quantum line of microCT instruments.

    List Price : 5600.00 USD
  • 2DCCD Spectrometer

    2DCCD Spectrometer

    PerkinElmer offers high performance, high sensitivity spectrometers that uses high Quantum Efficiency thinned and back illuminated T.E. cooled 2D FFT CCD arrays. These spectrometers are especially suited for low light level applications, provides enhanced UV and SWNIR response and a spectral response from 180nm to 1200nm.
  • Integrating Sphere

    FL 6500 & FL 8500 Integrating Sphere

    FL 6500 & FL 8500 Integrating Sphere enables precise measurement of absolute quantum yield for both liquid and solid samples
  • PerkinElmer

    Cell Holder Cap

    This cap is for the sample cell holder, which is used with the integrating sphere (N4201017). The integrating sphere enables the measurement of absolute quantum yield for liquid and powder sampels.
    List Price : 141.00 USD
  • UMPP Spectrometer

    UMPP Spectrometer

    We offer high performance, high sensitivity spectrometers using a high quantum efficiency, thinned, and back-illuminated, temperature stabilized 2D FFT CCD array, exhibiting low noise and low dark levels. These spectrometers are especially suited for low light level applications.
  • Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system

    Quantum GX2 microCT Imaging System

    Image beyond bone – into oncology, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, and much more, with the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system. With the Quantum GX2, flexibility is key. Combining the ability to perform high speed, low dose scans, ideal for longitudinal studies, across multiple species (mice, rats, rabbits) with high resolution ex vivo scanning, the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system offers the flexibility and performance you need to not just image, but further understand your disease models.
  • MicroCT Imaging Bone segmentation using AccuCT Software

    AccuCT microCT Analysis Software

    Advanced Bone Analysis for Quantum microCT Imaging Systems

    With AccuCT™ advanced microCT imaging software, researchers can perform ASBMR (American Society for Bone and Mineral Research) bone morphometry and BMD (Bone Mineral Density) analysis on data acquired on their Quantum (FX and GX) microCT system with just a few mouse clicks.
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  • White Paper

    Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Nanotechnology White Paper

    There is a growing body of evidence showing that there are significant differences between some nanomaterials and their non-nanoscale counterparts. What those differences portend raises many new questions about their potential to cause harm to human health and the environment.

  • Application Note

    Contrast-enhanced Imaging of Vasculature and Soft Tissues Using the Quantum GX MicroCT System

    X-ray CT imaging is commonly used for skeletal imaging as bones are densely mineralized tissues with excellent x-ray attenuation properties. In contrast, soft, less dense tissues often prove to be challenging to image due to their lack of sufficient tissue density. Soft tissues such as muscle, blood vessels and internal organs share similar x-ray attenuation characteristics and are not distinguishable under typical CT settings. In order to introduce density that would improve soft tissue contrast, several contrast agents have been developed for use in clinical and preclinical settings. This application note outlines the use of iodine and nanoparticle-based contrast agents for imaging soft tissues and vasculature in various organs using the Quantum GX to gain further insights into disease and therapeutic response.

  • Poster

    The Use of UV/VIS/NIR Spectroscopy in the Development Of High Efficiency PV Solar Cells

    From the start of our busy days to the end, electricity is the life blood that keeps us going. We cook, heat, clean, light, work, communicate and are entertained all driven by electricity. The most common modes of generation are hydro, nuclear geothermal or fossil fuel powered. There is a clear need throughout the world to develop clean renewable sustainable sources of power to support growing economies and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Application Note

    MicroCT Investigation of Bone Erosion and Deformation in an Osteoarthritic Rat Model

    Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and affects a considerable portion of the elderly population. In the U.S., it is estimated that more than 630 million people worldwide have this chronic condition, generally in the knees. OA occurs when the cartilage that cushions the ends of bones within the joints gradually deteriorates, causing synovitis and joint deformation.

    The goal of OA research is to identify new therapeutic strategies that could prevent, reduce, halt progression, or repair the existing damage to the joint. Non-invasive in vivo imaging such as microCT is the standard modality for bone research due to its ability to obtain high-resolution images at an x-ray dose low enough as not to harm the animal. This makes microCT ideal for monitoring disease progression and response to treatments in the same animal over time. However, microCT data visualization and analysis can be cumbersome and time consuming. In this application note, we compared standard microCT software and advanced bone software to investigate bone erosion in an OA rat model.

  • Guide

    Nanotechnology and Engineered Nanomaterials - A Primer

    The purpose of this primer is to provide some basic information about engineered nanomaterials so that you will be better informed, understand the new ‘jargon’ and appreciate some of the potential new applications of these materials. In addition, understanding the wide range and types of measurements needed to characterize these nanomaterials along with what solutions PerkinElmer has to support customers working in this field are outlined.