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  • PerkinElmer

    Multiple Reflection HATR Accessory

    The Multiple Reflection HATR Accessory provides up to 10 internal reflections and ships with:
    • A flat plate with a zinc selenide (ZnSe) crystal for powder and solid samples.
    • A trough plate with a zinc selenide (ZnSe) crystal for liquid samples.
    List Price : 4752.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Multiple Reflection HATR Heater with Trough Plate - ZnSe, 9 Reflections

    The Multiple Reflection HATR Trough Plate with Heater is an optional configuration for the MIRacle ATR accessory. This trough plate has a zinc selenide crystal and temperature control module. It can be heated up to 60°C. The temperature control module has a touch-panel interface, a USB port and comes ready to use with PIKE TempPRO software. This software offers a graphical user interface for temperature control and kinetics measurements.

    List Price : 2482.00 USD