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  • Premium HATR Trough Top Plate - ZnSe, 45°

    The Premium HATR Flat Top Plate features a zinc selenide (ZnSe) crystal set at a 45° angle, allowing for simple sampling of liquids, powders, pastes, and gels. It is used with PerkinElmer Premium HATR accessories that are compatible with the Spectrum One/100/400/65 and Spectrum 3/Frontier spectrometers.

  • Volatiles Cover for Premium HATR Accessory

    This Volatiles Cover is for use with the PerkinElmer Premium HATR Accessory to prevent the evaporation of volatile liquid samples during analysis by HATR. This cover is compatible with Premium HATR trough top plates (L1200314/L1200334/L1200336/L1200338/L1200345). With this part number, the press can be ordered as a replacement or spare part.