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  • SMT-5 Smart Mouse Tray

    SMT-5 Smart Mouse Tray

    SMT-5 Smart Mouse Imaging Tray for use with the IVIS® Lumina S5 and IVIS Lumina X5 in vivo imaging systems, allows benchtop posing of 5 animals when used in conjunction with the Benchtop Posing Station (sold separately). Bed is easily transferable from the benchtop to the IVIS imaging system with quick connect anesthesia functionality. A robust new manifold design requires no nose cones and offers superior scavenging for reduced anesthesia gas exposure. Incorporated fiducials facilitate auto subject recognition by the Living Image® Software. Includes mouse and rat dividers for signal isolation of optical probes. Provides the ultimate in flexibility and convenience to streamline your imaging workflow.
    List Price : 5800.00 USD
  • Mouse ID kit for automatic subject recognition and animal ID

    Mouse ID Kit

    The Mouse Imaging ID Kit for use with the IVIS® Lumina S5 and IVIS Lumina X5 imaging systems contains all of the tools needed to incorporate automatic subject recognition and animal identification into a standard imaging workflow.
    List Price : 9800.00 USD
  • IVIS Lumina X5 in vivo imaging system

    IVIS Lumina X5 Imaging System

    High-Sensitivity Optical Meets High-Resolution X-ray

    The IVIS® Lumina X5 high-throughput 2D optical imaging system combines high-sensitivity bioluminescence and fluorescence with high-resolution x-ray into a compact system that fits on your benchtop. With an expanded 5 mouse field of view for 2D optical imaging plus our unique line of accessories to accelerate setup and labeling, it has never been easier or faster to get robust data—and answers—on anatomical and molecular aspects of disease.
  • High Throughput Imaging & ID Kit

    High Throughput Imaging and ID Kit

    Increase imaging throughput and streamline in vivo imaging workflow on the IVIS® Lumina S5 and IVIS Lumina X5 with the High Throughput Imaging and ID Kit.
    List Price : 23100.00 USD
  • High Throughput Imaging Kit

    High Throughput Imaging Kit

    For use with the IVIS® Lumina S5 and X5 in vivo imaging systems, the High Throughput Imaging Kit contains all of the needed accessories to allow researchers to increase throughput and streamline imaging workflows.
    List Price : 17500.00 USD
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  • Application Note

    Quantitative Analysis of Bone Erosion Using High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging

    Bone erosion is a pathological condition characterized by breaks in the cortical bone surface and loss of the adjacent trabecular bone. Several pathological processes can lead to bone erosion, including malignant tumors, abnormal metabolic processes such as hyperparathyroidism, and chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. In clinical settings, bone erosion is routinely detected using X-ray based imaging technologies such as computed tomography (CT). Although preclinical CT offers high resolution 3D imaging for bone, accessibility to this modality may be challenging. Learn how optical and high-resolution X-ray imaging capability on the IVIS Lumina X5 system and Living Image® software was used for obtaining high quality images for quantitative analysis in a mouse bone erosion model, with the ease and speed of 2D imaging.