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VIEWPLATE-1536 TC, White, clear bottom, sterile TC treated, Case of 40

1536-well tissue culture treated (TC-treated) ViewPlate with white well walls and a clear bottom for viewing plates under a microscope or bottom reading measurements.

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Introducing PerkinElmer's ViewPlate Microplates engineered for bottom reading systems. This high quality microplate can be utilized in your cell based assay for superior results.

Leveraging years of assay and instrument experience in plate detection, PerkinElmer designs better microplates for better performance that guarantees better results for all PerkinElmer applications.

Packaging Notes:

  • Cases of ten 1536-well plates are packaged as 2 sleeves of 10 plates each, lids included.
  • Cases of forty 1536-well plates are packaged as 4 sleeves of 10 lidded plates each, lids included.

Well Plate Dimensions

Well format: 1536-well

Description Specification
Number of Rows 32
Number of Columns 48
Well volume 12 µL
Recommended working volume 4 µL- 12 µL
Height (mm) 10.4
Length (mm) 127.76
Width (mm) 85.48
Well diameter (mm) 1.53
Well depth (mm) 5
A1 to top offset (mm) 7.87
A1 to side offset (mm) 11.01
Well-to-well spacing (mm) 2.25


Automation Compatible Yes
Coating Treatment TC-treated, Sterile
Color White/Clear Bottom
Detection Method Luminescence, Alpha, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF & TR-FRET), Radiometric
Material Polystyrene
Product Brand Name ViewPlate
Shipping Condition Ambient
Sterile Yes
Unit Size Case of 40
Wells Number 1536 well plate
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