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Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) - LAMBDA 950

The Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) is for the LAMBDA 950. PerkinElmer's unique Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) is the only fully-automated, multi-angle, absolute specular reflectance accessory available today. Simply place the sample on the horizontal sample plate, select the required measurment angles with a few mouse clicks and scan.

Part Number L6020202
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The Universal Reflectance Accessory enables high-sensitivity, absolute reflectance measurments at multiple angles in the UV/NIR region of the spectrum. Various features of the URA includes:

  • Automatic and reproducible changes of angle with no adjustment to sample or optics required.
  • Sample angles selected by single mouse click
  • Multi-angle analysis achieved with single accessory
  • Sample horizontally mounted removing the inconvenience and risk of damage associated with vertical clamping
  • URA module simply snaps into the spectrometer and is ready to be used without any adjustment
  • Wavelength range 185-3100 nm (may be reduced by depolarizer/polarizer)
  • Angles 8-65°, step 0.5°
  • Spot size adjustable in UVWinLab method, max 5x5 mm
  • For angles above 10° minimum, a depolarizer is needed, better combination common beam depolarizer with polarizer
  • Needs service installation if placed first time in destination spectrometer
  • Keeps the standard sample compartment free


Model Compatible With LAMBDA 950
Product Group Universal Reflectance Accessory