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Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) - UV/NIR

The Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) is for the LAMBDA 1050. PerkinElmer's unique Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) is the only fully-automated, multi-angle, absolute specular reflectance accessory available today. Simply place the sample on the horizontal sample plate, select the required measurment angles with a few mouse clicks and scan. Unlike traditional methods, the URA automatically and reproducibly changes the measurement angle, eliminating time-consuming manual mirror adjustments and changes of accessory. This approach reduces running costs and increases productivity. The URA snaps into place in the second sampling position and can quickly be interchanged with integrating spheres and other detector modules.

Part Number L6020358
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The Universal Reflectance Accessory enables high-sensitivity, absolute reflectance measurments at multiple angles in the UV/NIR region of the spectrum. Various features of the URA includes:

  • Automatic and reproducible changes of angle with no adjustment to sample or optics required
  • Sample angles selected by single mouse click
  • Multi-angle analysis achieved with single accessory
  • Sample horizontally mounted removing the inconvenience and risk of damage associated with vertical clamping
  • URA module simply snaps into the spectrometer and is ready to be used without any adjustment
  • Wavelength range 185-3100 nm (may be reduced by depolarizer/polarizer)
  • Angles 8-65°, step 0.5°
  • Spot size adjustable in UVWinLab method, max 5x5 mm
  • For angles above 10° minimum, a depolarizer is needed, better combination common beam depolarizer with polarizer
  • Needs service installation if placed first time in destination spectrometer
  • Keeps the standard sample compartment free


Model Compatible With LAMBDA 1050
Product Group Universal Reflectance Accessory
Technology Type Specular Reflectance