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PhenoPlate 384-well, black, optically clear flat-bottom, ultra-low-attachment-coated, lids, case of 40

PhenoPlate 384-well ULA-coated microplates (formerly named CellCarrier Ultra ULA-coated microplates) are designed for spheroid and organoid culture and imaging with high-content screening systems.

The ultra-low attachment surface prevents cell attachment to the culture vessel, and supports the formation of 3D spheroids and organoids through cell-to-cell interactions.

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These PhenoPlate 384-well microplates (formerly named CellCarrier Ultra microplates) are ultra-low attachment (ULA) treated and are available in black in a 384-well format. The microplates benefit from a film bottom made of cyclic olefin, a plastic that has glass-like optical properties, providing superior image quality and also good cell adherence. They have an ultra-low plate bottom (0.2mm) for better well access when using water immersion and high NA objectives, and a new design, low profile polystyrene lid for reduced evaporation.

Drawing on many years of experience in High-Content Screening, PerkinElmer’s expert team has developed and validated the PhenoPlate line of microplates. These microplates have been engineered to deliver both perfomance and superior images for high-content applications.

  • Optimal clarity and fast autofocusing from excellent flatness of the plate bottom
  • Superior image quality from high optical quality of cyclic olefin imaging surface
  • Better well access when using water immersion and high NA objectives with ultra-low plate bottom
  • Reduced evaporation from new design, low-profile polystyrene lid
  • Avoid damaging the imaging surface when stacking with unique corner spacers
  • Available with different coatings to suit your application

PhenoPlates are part of a range of microplates for high content applications, and belong to our complete solution for high content imaging that includes PhenoVue cellular imaging reagents, Operetta® CLS and Opera Phenix® Plus high-content systems, Harmony® software and automation.

Packaging Notes:

  • Cases of 10 are packaged as individually packed lidded plates, lids included
  • Cases of 40 are packaged as 2 sleeves of 20 plates, lids included

Well Plate Dimensions

Well format: 384-well

Number of Rows16
Number of Columns24
Well volume145 µL
Recommended working volume25 µL - 120 µL
Height (mm)14.35
Length (mm)127.76
Width (mm)85.48
Well diameter (mm)3.26
Well depth (mm)12.7
A1 to top offset (mm)8.99
A1 to side offset (mm)12.13
Well-to-well spacing (mm)4.5


Automation Compatible Yes
Coating Treatment ULA
Color Black/Clear Bottom
Detection Method Confocal Imaging, Fluorescence, High Content Imaging
Material Cyclic Olefin
Product Brand Name PhenoPlate (formerly CellCarrier Ultra)
Shape Flat-bottom
Shipping Condition Ambient
Sterile Yes
Unit Size 40 plates
Wells Number 384
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CellCarrier Ultra microplates are now named PhenoPlates

From September 15, 2021 CellCarrier Ultra microplates are renamed PhenoPlate microplates. Questions you may have this change can be found in this document.