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TQD MSMS Screening System

TQD (Tandem Quadrupole Detector) represents the latest MSMS instrumentation for newborn screening applications. TQD combines the known robust features from the Quattro micro MSMS instrument with further improved scan speed and sensitivity.

Part Number 1445-006
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TQD features the market-leading Z-spray™ ion source combined with the T-wave collision cell that provides improved sensitivity compared to earlier MSMS instruments without sacrificing the robustness and ease-of-use associated with Waters® MSMS instruments.

TQD screening system contains the 2777C autosampler and 1525µ binary pump, which have a proven track record in newborn screening laboratories worldwide.

The 1445-006 TQD Screening System is compliant with CE IVD directives.

It includes the following main parts:

  • TQD MSMS instrument
  • Software, including MassLynx Core Software and NeoLynx Software
  • Remote Support Package
  • Model 2777C Sample Manager
  • Model 1525 micro Binary Pump System


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