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Stem Cell Cultivation and Phenotypic Screening

The explorer G3 integrated stem cell cultivation workstation consists of two independent workstations; one for stem cell cultivation and one for the screening of phenotypic assays.

Part Number EG31006
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Configuration Requirements:

  • Two independent workstations
    • Cell cultivation, media exchange and stem cell differentiation
    • Able to run multiple experiments in parallel, up to 4 x 220-plate batches
    • Stem cell phenotypic compound screening
      • High throughput hardware and software
      • Automated lid-handling, plate sealing and unsealing
  • Flexible scheduling software allows for multiple batches of experiments to be run in parallel with the ability to add batches, as needed
  • Compact design
  • HEPA filtration to prevent contamination
  • Automated plate transfer between two workstations allows for complete integrated solution

Accurate high throughput stem cell phenotypic screening provides researchers valuable insight on how complex compound matrices affect cell culture or the differentiation process. Automation of both the upstream cell culture and subsequent assays increases efficiency and greatly enhances compound screening.

These two explorer G3 integrated workstations are designed to work in parallel, one for cell culture and differentiation and the other for downstream screening. Both systems are positioned within a single HEPA filtration enclosure to prevent sample contamination. The cell culture workstation with job::manager scheduling software is designed to run up to four 220-plate batches in parallel; providing control and calendar-like graphical management.

After cell cultivation and differentiation process in the first workstation, the plates are transferred to the second system for phenotypic screening.