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Living Image Software

Designed for use with PerkinElmer's IVIS® optical imaging systems, Living Image enables you to analyze 2D and 3D optical imaging data from your animal models with ease. With features such as wizard guidance for acquisition parameter setup and co-registration with other imaging modalities, Living Image allows you to seamlessly capture, visualize and analyze your 2D or 3D optical data to facilitate your drug discovery & development and biology research.

Living Image in vivo software is available for the IVIS Lumina and IVIS Spectrum Series.

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Advanced Acquisition and Analysis Tools for IVIS® Spectrum Imaging Systems

Living Image® advanced in vivo imaging software designed for the IVIS Spectrum platform simplifies even the most complex image acquisition and analysis of bioluminescent and fluorescent probes. The Living Image software version for the IVIS Spectrum platform includes all 2D features of the IVIS Lumina software but adds 3D data analysis including optical tomography and co-registration with other modalities, Living Image in vivo imaging software sets the industry standard for ease of use and flexibility.

Key features include:

  • Image browser to easily locate and organize data
  • Comprehensive set of tools for 2D data analysis
  • Generate publication ready figures without the need for complex third party software
  • Longitudinal imaging analysis tools
  • Patented methods for Spectral Unmixing
  • One click 3D reconstructions
  • Co-register with other modalities such as microCT and PET with DICOM import tools
  • Extensive set of co-registration and 3D imaging analysis tools with the optional 3D Multimodality Tools plugin


Model Compatible With IVIS Spectrum Series