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PerkinElmer Signals Translational Enterprise

Universal data access and Integrated Translational Analytics to streamline cross study analysis for Stratification! Learn more.

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Built using state of the art Big Data technologies – PerkinElmer Signals Translational stages your clinical and translation data in the most effective way possible for cross-study cohort selection and analytics.

Our translational research solution is designed to semantically harmonize, intuitively search and effectively aggregate your data for ad-hoc cohort selection- ready for testing your biomarker hypothesis for patient stratification. This self-service data querying is further enhanced by integration with Translational Analytics- making the data flow from searching to aggregation to retrieval to guided analytics seamless- A turnkey solution for data searching, aggregation, analytics and Patient Stratification!

Enable seamless data access for on-demand querying, data aggregation and integrated Translational analytics for cross-study analysis to perform cross-study analysis and apply best-practices for patient stratification. Determined to break data silos, the collaborative framework is ideal for effective integration of data from private and public data sources using its flexible yet robust information model.

PerkinElmer Signals Translational Enterprise’s data staging capabilities include

  • Out-of-the-box solution for data staging, harmonizing, on-demand querying and data aggregation for cross-pooling translational and clinical data
  • Integrated search and analytics ensure that the analysis responds to the real-time search and retrieve functionality of the search engine
  • Assay agnostic solution that supports a large variety of data measurement techniques enables a broad user base and reduces the burden on data scientists
  • Analytics designed specifically for Translational use cases and powered by TIBCO Spotfire®
  • Stitch together an ever-expanding set of configurable Signals Translational Apps to create re-useable analytics protocols
  • An integrated cohort selection panel to effectively stratify your patient population and manage analyses
  • Shareable protocols to broaden your user base and reduce the burden on data scientists
  • Leverage TIBCO Spotfire platform and extend your analysis further to harness the power of statistical engines like R
  • A scalable architecture that can support the entire organization with a single system

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White Paper

Using PerkinElmer Signals™ Translational to Leverage the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Data for Biomarker Discovery

Success of clinical trials is increasingly reliant on better informed patient stratification strategies, which can be beset by inefficiencies related to collaborative data access, ad-hoc querying, aggregation and repeatable analytics for cross-study biomarker analysis.

Using datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), this white paper details how PerkinElmer Signals™ Translational is designed precisely to address the above- mentioned inefficiencies by providing scientists with user friendly applications that enable:

  • Self-service access to data
  • Intuitively query data and create cohorts
  • Guided analytics protocols
  • Biomarker Discovery & Patient stratification
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