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PerkinElmer Signals Notebook

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook is a powerful new web based Electronic Lab Notebook, enabling users to instantly author and manage notebooks and experiments, facilitating Scientific Collaboration.

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PerkinElmer Signals Notebook allows you to achieve meaningful scientific breakthroughs – faster, smarter and easier to keep track of your material evidence.

Signals Notebook provides you with an effective scientific research data management solution, where you can write up your research data in notebooks and experiments, drag & drop, store, organize, share, find and filter data with chemical ease.

  • Full Microsoft Office® & Microsoft Office® Online Integration: Create or attach your Office documents with your experiments, directly update them by choosing either Office or Office Online.
  • Effective Scientific Research Data Management: Electronically record and store scientific data, so you can be more effective, reproducible, and accurate and rely on Signals Notebook to find it again quickly.
  • Market Leading ChemDraw®: Express your chemistry ideas using the market leading chemistry application, available without any additional install.
  • No Software to Install (low activation, easy to use, footprint, immediate ROI): 100% web-based. No software to download, no hardware to buy, or IT assets to maintain. Click and Go!
  • Collaborative: Connect with colleagues and collaborators anywhere in the world. Start discussions, give feedback, coordinate follow-on experiments, and stay in sync.

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Data Sheet

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook: Which version is right for me?

Signals Notebook, the modern, cloud-native electronic lab notebook, is available in different versions so it’s tailored for just what you need to capture, organize, and share your research data. Get all the details here.

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Why Cloud ELNs Are Number 1 for E-FFICIENCY

Future-forward labs are deploying intuitive tools and advanced processes in drug discovery and early drug development to increase the rate - and lower the cost - of scientific progress. Electronic lab notebooks are a critical tool to achieve these gains.

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Signals Notebook: The Only Cloud ELN with ChemDraw

All the basics about why Signals Notebook is the ELN for your organization.


Specification Sheet

Signals Notebook Hardware and Software Guide

Check out the technical requirements that will ensure your Signals Notebook deployment goes smoothly.

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White Paper

Accelerate Innovation in Specialty Chemical Formulation and Development with Informatics - Derived Knowledge

The global specialty chemicals industry, forecast to reach approximately 2.5 billion dollars by 2020, is essential to innovation in industries ranging from cosmetics and construction to food and textiles. Manufacturers looking to maintain a pipeline of new and improved products that are safe and cost effective rely on specialty chemicals to improve the performance or function of their goods. It’s a never-ending endeavor, with the goal of gaining market share by being fast – if not first – to market with a better solution. This white paper talks about the accelerated innovation in specialty chemical formulation and development with informatics.

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PerkinElmer Signals™ Notebook ChemSearch

Learn how social media technologies have been applied to one ELN to deliver search results in milliseconds across millions of structures - introducing ChemSearch, a new chemical cartridge. This new NoSQL Chemistry Cartridge offers exact, substructure, and similarity search capabilities with performance at scale to accelerate your work. Download your free copy today.

Top Five Benefits of a Cloud ELN

As their experimental data becomes bigger and more complex, scientists are challenged to make discoveries faster, consistently document and analyze their work, and easily collaborate across an organization and with external partners. Electronic lab notebooks (ELN) provide access to all collaborators 24/7, wherever they are and whether they are employees or at contract organizations. If an ELN is in the cloud then these benefits also come with no maintenance or upgrades required by the IT department. This whitepaper objectively examines the top five factors of a cloud ELN that meet, or exceed, the needs of R&D scientists and satisfy the IT department too. Download your free copy today.

Understanding the Benefits of ChemDraw Embedded in an ELN

Research scientists are challenged to make discoveries faster, consistently document and analyze their work, and easily collaborate. When frequently-used tools are integrated into their workflows, it can save valuable man hours. Read this paper to understand the value of ChemDraw embedded in an electronic lab notebook. See how much time you can save.