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Signals Lead Discovery

PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery lets researchers focus on science, not software. Powered by TIBCO Spotfire® analytics and visualization software, the Signals Lead Discovery platform frees researchers and scientists to explore the data they want, when they want, how they want.

A guided search and analytics experience leads to faster insight and decision making. Instant feedback on the availability and quantity of data reduces the time spent running queries, while the guided analysis workflow leverages industry best practices for discovery and insight. The intuitiveness of Signals Lead Discovery means more time for critical thinking.

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Organizations and individuals can quickly gain new insights into chemical and biomolecular research data with PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery. Featuring guided search and analysis workflows and dynamic data visualizations for on-the-fly exploration, the platform is intuitive – letting researchers focus on their science, not on software.

Speed to Insight

Gain faster access to the data you need, when you need it. The agile guided search and query experience anticipates needs and provides the flexibility required.

Work that Flows

Bypass a steep learning curve with guided analysis workflows that really work for you.

Access More Data

Data is normalized, staged, and ready to explore. Mash up internal and external data without having to traverse internal data warehouses and ad hoc content from external partners.


The horizontally scalable search platform provides your organization the search experience you demand, regardless of data volume and complexity.

With PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery, you can:

  • Browse all the available data and decide on the fly which data to include in the analysis, along with feedback as to the availability of assay data.
  • Gain immediate access to real time data and view the data in intuitive visualizations designed to identify patterns, trends and outliers within the data.
    • Define how the Compound and Assay data should be organized (e.g. by Compound or Compound Batch) and summarized (by mean, median, count, standard deviation, etc.)
    • Customize long assay names into more meaningful, human-readable abbreviations.
    • Configure intuitive tabular and graphical representations of the data through a point-and-click interface.
    • Toggle between saved views of the data to easily navigate SAR analyses including many assays.
    • Generate and compare compound lists with an interactive Venn diagram.
  • Access internally obtained and publically available biology data in an environment that stimulates hypothesis development.

If your specialty is small molecule chemistry, you can also:

  • Analyze compound series to identify R-groups of interest.
  • Leverage Maximum Common Scaffold and Matched Pair Analysis to identify components that drive activity and/or ADME properties.

If your specialty is biologics, you can also:

  • Easily visualize monomer changes in the biological sequences in the 3D structure of the biological molecule.
  • Immediately fill aggregated SAR tables using the assay types you select on the fly.
  • Easily identify similar biological molecules that succeeded or failed during the scale up process and look trends amongst the manufacturing data.
  • Make better selections for constructs, strains, and growth conditions to improve the likelihood of manufacturing success.
  • BLAST search to find molecules of interest and their related results.

Selecting the right Lead Discovery Solution for your needs:

Feature Lead Discovery Lead Discovery Premium Signals Lead Discovery
Visualize small molecule structures Yes Yes Yes
Find structures in external data sources Yes Yes Yes
Define compound series via structure filters Yes Yes Yes
Analyze R-groups contribution to activity Yes Yes Yes
Utilize all major chemistry renderers and editors Yes Yes Yes
Autodetect chemical columns within loaded data Yes Yes Yes
Calculate physical properties Yes Yes Yes
Auto-update compound series as new compounds are added Yes Yes Yes
Auto-update R-group analyses as new compounds are add Yes Yes Yes
Publish to TIBCO Consumer with full chemistry analysis capabilities Yes Yes Yes
Global set the preferred chemistry renderer Yes Yes Yes
One-click switching of chemistry format (ChemDraw, SMILES, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Tautomeric substructure searching Yes Yes Yes
One-click transposable SAR table   Yes Yes
Form views data   Yes Yes
SAR map of R-group decomposition   Yes Yes
Broadened palette of data visualizations (radar chart, violin plots, etc.)   Yes Yes
Multi-parameter optimization visualization and scoring   Yes Yes
3D view of structures for large and small molecules   Yes Yes
Visualize and analyze biological sequences   Yes Yes
Highlight sequence differences relative to a reference sequence   Yes Yes
Align sequences through CLUSTAL Omega   Yes Yes
BLAST searching over internal or external sequence databases   Yes Yes
Sequence Analysis of biological molecules, relate therapeutic agent activity to monomer substitutions   Yes Yes
3D biomolecule analysis relate sequence regions and monomer positions to 3D structure   Yes Yes
Incorporate your own analysis pipelines through extensible web services framework   Yes Yes
Global Search App     Yes
SAR Analysis App     Yes
Assay Details Visualization     Yes
Assay Results Publishing Tool     Yes
Assay Metadata Modeling Tool     Yes
Data integration/indexing with Chemical Search     Yes
Virtual SQL Datamarts from Index Content     Yes


Product Brand Name PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery