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ValiScreen Relaxin-3 Receptor 2 (human) cell line

Our stable recombinant ValiScreen® cell lines express a variety of GPCRs for binding and functional assays.

Part Number ES-659-C
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This product contains living cells. Some cells may be restricted for sale in specified countries. Please inquire at your local sales office for more information.


Human Relaxin-3 Receptor 2 (RXFP4, GPCR142) ValiScreen® GPCR cell line

Relaxin-3, which is nearly exclusively expressed in the brain, has been shown to the family of ligands that interact with G-protein coupled-receptor GPCR142. Specifically, INSL5 has been identified as the primary agonist of GPCR142. INSL5 is known to promote tumor progression via the JAK1/STAT5 signaling pathway.

Mammalian cell lines stably expressing recombinant GPCRs have long been used as a source of receptors for radioligand binding and functional assays (membrane-based or cell-based). These recombinant cell lines are readily available for studying receptor regulation, signaling and for secondary screening assays or assay development.

Stable recombinant cell line expressing the Relaxin-3 receptor 2. Human recombinant, in CHO-K1 host cell. We provide: Two vials of the recombinant cell line as frozen cells; Detailed product information including sequence, cell line properties, culture conditions, pharmacological properties of the recombinant receptor in binding and functional assays (cAMP).

In our "standard" cell lines where clonal selection is carried out with receptor binding: high and low expressors are then tested and selected for optimal binding and functional response according to the receptor specific transduction pathway.

Restriction for product sale could exist in some countries.


Assay Target Class GPCR
Assay Target Type Cell Line
Assay Validated Binding, cAMP, Downstream Phosphorylation
Host Cell CHO-K1
Product Brand Name ValiScreen
Receptor Type Relaxin
Shipping Condition Dry Ice