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Quartz Cyclonic Sample Introduction Kit for ELAN 5000/6x00/9000/DRCs

This cyclonic sample introduction kit includes various consumables and components used with ELAN® 5000, 6x00, 9000, DRC II, and DRC-e ICP-MS series instruments. The Glass Cyclonic Sample Introduction Kit (N8120518) is also available for ELAN® series instruments.

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Detail Information

This kit includes:

  • MicroMist Nebulizer, Qty. 1 (N0775342)
  • Quartz Cyclonic Spray Chamber, Qty. 1 (WE025221)
  • 2 mm I.D. Quartz Bore Injector, Qty. 1 (WE023948)
  • Tygon Tubing 3.175 mm I.D., Qty. 1 (02506516)
  • 3.175 mm Tubing Insert, Qty. 1 (09903094)
  • Front Ferrule for 6.35 mm Tube Fitting, Qty. 1 (09903456)
  • Back Ferrule for 6.35 mm Tube Fitting, Qty. 1 (09903465)
  • Stainless Steel Nut for 6.35 mm Tube Fitting, Qty. 1 (09903464)
  • PVC Pump Tubing 1.14 mm I.D., Red/Red Marker, Qty. 1 (09908585)
  • 12 Pack of Flared PVC Pump Tubing 0.44 mm I.D., Green/Yellow Marker, Qty. 1 (N0773113)
  • Support Adapter for Ball Joint Torch Injectors, Qty. 1 (W1012406)
  • UV Shield Assembly, Qty. 1 (W1020996)


Model Compatible With ELAN 5000, ELAN 9000, ELAN DRC II, ELAN 6x00, ELAN DRC-e
Product Group Sample Introduction Kits
Technology Type ICP-MS