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QSight® 210 MD Screening System

The complete solution for high throughput routine quantification.

Part Number BC004945
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QSight® 210 MD Screening may not be available in all countries. Please check out availability with your local PerkinElmer representative.


The QSight® 210 MD Screening system is designed for routine high throughput quantitation. With easy to use instrument control software, the ability to automatically download sample and control information, a mass spectrometer designed to reduce maintenance and repair, and data analysis software designed to make it quick and easy to review results, the QSight 210 MD Screening system makes it easy to run thousands of samples per day. The QSight system includes a high capacity autosampler, precision binary pump, best in class MS detector, and easy to use instrument control and data analysis software that have been optimized to run hundreds of samples per day, for weeks at a time, to generate consistent results with minimum maintenance or downtime.

What makes the Qsight 210 MD screening system so exceptional?

  • A simple three step process to set up and run a method
  • Ability to download worklists, internal standard & calibration information directly into the software to eliminate transcription errors
  • Remote instrument diagnostics software to quickly identify problems before they occur
  • Unique StayClean source design to eliminate daily maintenance
  • Unique Laminar Flow Ion Guide to reduce the need for re-tuning
  • Easy-to-use, visual based database software to simplify data review and analysis
  • Unique Unifield Detector design to detect more analytes within a run
  • A modular mass spectrometer design to simplify maintenance and repair


Detection Method Mass Spectrometry (MSMS)
Disorders Lysosomal Storage Disorders, Metabolic Disorders
Product Brand Name QSight®
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Application Note

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