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Research Peltier Accessories

The research peltier accessories require LAMBDA 1X/2X/3X/4X/Bio, Linear Cell Programmer for LAMBDA 6XX/8XX/9XX, water circulator (B0080171) or Peltier Controlled Fluid Circulator (N1015158). The research Peltier range of accessories is ideal for any application that requires precise control of temperature at, below, or above ambient temperature. The ability to operate up to 100 °C allows applications such as DNA melting, protein denaturation and some polymer studies to be performed.

Part Number L6310010
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The research peltier accessories consist of Peltier-controlled, single or six-cell holders for the sample and reference channels. Single-channel versions are also available. The accessory includes cell stirring and the ability to preset temperature programs. These units require a source of cooling water with a temperature range of 0° to 100 °C. Flexible programming up to 8 segments of the cell sample temperature is possible.


Model Compatible With Linear Cell Programmer for LAMBDA 6XX/8XX/9XX, LAMBDA 1X/2X/3X/4X/Bio
Product Group Thermostatting Accessory