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ProxiPlate-96, White Opaque 96-shallow well Microplate, Case 200

Shallow-well 96-well white microplate for lower volume and increased sensitivity.

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The white ProxiPlate-96 has shallow wells with a capacity of 100 µL per well, which allows 384-well sample volumes in 96-well format. The shallow well positions the sample much closer to the analyzer's detectors, which in combination with the enhanced light reflection properties of the white polystyrene, results in increased counting efficiencies. The increase in sensitivity also helps reduce reagent costs. This makes the ProxiPlate ideally suited for Scintillation Proximity Assays (SPA) using the TopCount Microplate Scintillation and Luminescence Counter. The pinch bar design facilitates robotic handling.

PerkinElmer microplates are produced under clean room conditions to reduce dust or other contaminants. Bar coded microplates are also available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique, shallow wells for increased sensitivity
  • Low reagent volumes for efficient SPAs
  • High-gloss, white surface for excellent reflectivity
  • Footprint conforms to proposed industry standard (SBS)
  • Pinch bar design for optimal robotic processing

Typical Applications:

  • Low volume 96-well applications
  • Scintillation Proximity Assays (SPA)

Packaging Notes:

  • Cases of 50 are packaged as 2 sleeves of 25 plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps with 5 plates.
  • TC-treated cases of 50 are packaged as 50 individually bagged and sealed lidded plates.
  • TC-treated cases of 160 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 20 lidded plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps of 4 lidded plates.
  • Cases of 200 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 25 plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps with 5 plates.
  • TC-treated cases of 200 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 25 plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps with 5 plates. Lids are not included but can be ordered separately as Cat. No. 6005619 for 96-well plates or Cat. No. 6007619 for 384-well plates.

Well Plate Dimensions

Well format: 96-well

Description Specification
Number of Rows 8
Number of Columns 12
Well volume 100 µL
Recommended working volume 30 µL- 90 µL
Height (mm) 14.45
Length (mm) 127.76
Width (mm) 85.47
Well diameter (mm) 7.15
Well depth (mm) 3.25
A1 to top offset (mm) 11.24
A1 to side offset (mm) 14.38
Well-to-well spacing (mm) 9


Automation Compatible Yes
Coating Treatment Untreated
Color White
Detection Method Luminescence, Alpha, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF & TR-FRET), Radiometric
Format Microplates
Material Polystyrene
Product Brand Name ProxiPlate
Shipping Condition Ambient
Sterile No
Unit Size Case of 200
Wells Number 96 well plate
Well Shape Shallow-well