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plate::works Scheduling and Control Software

Software offering precise control over your laboratory automation processes

plate::works automation control and scheduling software drives laboratory automation throughout the complete discovery process. This solution provides users with a single software interface for lab scheduling and concurrent lab automation applications, including both bench-top and large scale integrated workstations.

Part Number HH20110111
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


plate::works Scheduling and Control Software offers intelligent dynamic scheduling to improve lab automation productivity.

  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Events introduce static elements
  • Meets changing requirements
  • Intuitive to use
  • Full scheduling and reporting flexibility
  • Robust, designed for 24 x 7 operation
  • Simultaneous protocol execution
  • Validates correct execution
  • Optimizes performance

plate::works scheduling and control software enables the integration of instruments including liquid handlers, readers, and plate washers, with robotic handling components to create comprehensive, flexible and robust solutions to automate sample processing. It provides users with a single software interface for lab scheduling and concurrent lab automation applications. plate::works scheduling and control software includes an assay method editor, event-driven scheduler, central process control, and parameter setting functions, offering control over laboratory automation processes from start to finish. Designed for 24x7 operation in high-throughput environments, plate::works scheduling and control software features highly evolved routines for error handling.

Event-driven scheduling offers scheduling and reporting flexibility

The plate::works scheduling and control software offers event-driven scheduling supporting even the most challenging workflows. As an event driver scheduler, it incorporates the best elements of dynamic and static scheduling offering both speed and flexibility while enabling operators to control plate processing through flow gates and fixed timing steps.

Events can be set to enforce fixed timings for time sensitive portions of a workflow and to use branches to direct plate flow within an overall dynamic scheduling concept. Conditional branches also exist which allow plates to take alternative routes through processing.

Software guides operators through steps to set-up and execute automated screening runs without having to plan and program the plate transportation tasks. Multiple views, including Gantt charts, time charts, and tables, are available to track and monitor plate processing.

Meet changing requirements

The plate::works scheduling and control software allows operators to change the parameters affecting plate processing at any time during a run. The software is able to read run parameters from dynamic worklists enabling individual plates to be processed using plate specific conditions. Additionally, parameters can changed based on external input.

The Configuration Editor enables the workstation configuration to be changed quickly. Resource utilization and throughput can be maximized by running multiple protocols simultaneously. The plate::works scheduling and control software can create an inventory of the labware in the storage devices and manage it. Barcodes can be used to specify which plates should be exported and processed. To enable continuous processing, processed plates can be exchanged with new plates. A built-in simulation routine is incorporated to identify logical errors in a workflow, scheduling bottlenecks, and to allow users to optimize plate processing prior to committing resources. Additionally, scripting support enables users to add their own functionality and to trigger external processes. Instrument independent routines enable cherry picking, serial dilutions and other complex pipetting tasks involving multiple source and destination plates.

The plate::works scheduling and control software alerts users about errors and monitors and tracks conditions.