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PhenoVue Cell Painting JUMP Kit 100 x 384-wells

The PhenoVue Cell Painting Kit comprises 6 validated, pre-optimized fluorescent probes, in accordance with the JUMP consortium protocol v3, and associated diluent to streamline the cell painting workflow.

The PhenoVue cell painting kit is validated for use in high-content screening systems such as the Opera Phenix Plus.

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Cell Painting is a powerful phenotypic high-content screening approach which combines cell and computational biology to unravel cells’ responses when subjected to perturbagens. ​

Cell are "painted" by labelling different cellular compartments with different fluorescent bioprobes to quantitatively profile multiple phenotypic parameters in order to better understand the effects of chemical compounds, drugs, genes, or other test articles.​

The PhenoVue Cell Painting JUMP Kit comprises validated, pre-optimized fluorescent bioprobes, aligned to the JUMP consortium protocol v3, to streamline your workflow, saving time and costs. ​

Kit Components / Quantity

  • PhenoVue Hoechst 33342 Nuclear Stain / 10 vials - 140µg per vial
  • PhenoVue Fluor 488 - Concanavalin A / 10 vials - 1 mg per vial
  • PhenoVue 512 Nucleic Acid Stain / 10 vials - 800nmol per vial
  • PhenoVue Fluor 555 - WGA / 10 vials - 0.2mg per vial
  • PhenoVue Fluor 568 - Phalloidin / 10 vials - 1nmol per vial
  • PhenoVue 641 Mitochondrial Stain / 20 vials - 50µg per vial
  • PhenoVue Dye Diluent A (5X) / 10 vials - 80mL (5X) per vial


Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Fluorescence
Product Brand Name PhenoVue
Quantity in a Package Amount 80.0 Vials
Shipping Condition Dry Ice
Unit Size For 100 x 384-well microplates
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Application Note

Cell Painting for Phenotypic Screening

Cell Painting is a powerful high-content screening method which combines cell and computational biology to unravel cells’ responses and gain a deeper understanding of the effects of chemical and genetic perturbagens.

However, implementation of cell painting is not without its challenges - from choosing a cell model and labeling reagents, to optimizing instrumentation and making sense of the thousands of features that are extracted during data analysis.

Download our application note to learn how to:

  • Set up optimal imaging parameters and see the effect of different acquisition modes on compound clustering
  • Easily perform the assay using the dyes provided in the PhenoVue Cell Painting kit
  • Extract and analyze more than 5700 cellular features
  • Visualize multidimensional data using the Signals Screening analysis platform



PhenoVue Cellular Imaging Reagents Brochure

This brochure describes PerkinElmer's PhenoVue cellular imaging reagents plus microplates, Imaging instruments, imaging and analysis software and automation.


White Paper

Cell Painting - A Cellular Imaging and Machine Learning Approach to Drug Discovery

Phenotypic Drug Discovery Re-Imagined

Cell Painting is a phenotypic screening method and a powerful application of high-content screening technology which combines cell and computational biology to elucidate the behavior of cells under the influence of perturbagens, such as chemical compounds, drugs, genes, or other entities.

Download our white paper to learn about the origins of the Cell Painting technique, its potential impact on the drug discovery paradigm, together with practical hints and tips for success.

PDF 342 KB