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PhenoVue 577 Lysosomal stain

PhenoVue 577 Lysosomal stain is a fluorescent dye which accumulates in acidic vesicles such as the lysosomes. The bright red fluorescence associated with PhenoVue 577 Lysosomal stain are validated for use in imaging microscopy and High Content Screening Systems.

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Lysosomes are abundant organelles which contain more than sixty acidic enzymes. Lysosomes play essential role in macromolecules and organelles break down through the autophagy-lysosomal system. Defective regulation of lysosomal function has been reported in several diseases such as lysosomal storage disorders and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. PhenoVue 577 lysosomal stain is partially protonated at neutral pH, and highly protonated at acidic pH. In living cells, PhenoVue 577 lysosomal stain accumulates in acidic vesicles such as lysosomes, resulting in bright and specific lysosomal fluorescent staining. PhenoVue 577 lysosomal stain can be used to lysosomes in immunofluorescence, as well as high-content analysis and screening applications.


Numbers of Vials Per Unit 20
Quantity or Volume Per Unit 19.9µg (50nmoles)​
Form Solution 1mM DMSO​
Storage -16°C​ or below
Recommended Working Concentration 50 ng/mL
Maximum Excitation Wavelength 577 nm
Maximum Emission Wavelength 590 nm
Common Filter Set RFP
Live Cell Staining Yes
Fixed Cell Staining No
Equivalent Number of Microplates 650 - 2050 x 96-well microplates
550 - 2050​ x 384-well microplates
1050 - 3250​ x 1536-well microplates



Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Fluorescence
Product Brand Name PhenoVue
Shipping Condition Dry Ice
Unit Size 20 vials
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Product Info

PhenoVue Lysosomal Stains Product Information Sheet

In living cells, PhenoVue lysosomal stains accumulate in acidic vesicles such as lysosomes, resulting in bright and specific lysosomal fluorescent staining.

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