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PhenoVue 512 Nucleic Acid Stain

PhenoVue 512 Nucleic acid stain is a cell permeable organic molecule which binds nucleic acids. It displays a higher fluorescence intensity when complexed with RNA compared to DNA and can be used for nucleoli staining.

PhenoVue 512 Nucleic acid stain exhibits bright green or orange fluorescence and is validated for use in imaging microscopy and high-content screening applications.

Part of PerkinElmer's portfolio of cellular imaging reagents, PhenoVue 512 Nucleic acid stain has a maximum excitation wavelength of 525 nm and a maximum emission wavelength of 590 nm, which makes it an alternative to the similar stain SYTO 14 green fluorescent nucleic acid stain.

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PhenoVue 512 Nucleic acid stain is a cell permeable organic molecule which concentrates into RNA enriched organelles, such as nucleoli found in the nucleus of mammalian cells.


PhenoVue 512 Nucleic acid stain can be used for localization and quantification of nucleoli which are a nuclear sub-compartment that varies in size and number depending on cell type. Nucleoli are involved in the control of many cellular processes that are fundamental to normal cell homeostasis such as synthesis, processing and assembly of ribosomes as well as cell cycle regulation and cellular stress responses. Genetic disorders such as Werner syndrome or fragile X syndrome have been associated with nucleolar proteins. In addition, dysregulations of nucleolus functions have been reported in neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

PhenoVue 512 Nucleic acid stain can be used to visualize nucleoli in immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry, as well as high-content analysis and screening applications. ​​


Numbers of Vials Per Unit 1
Quantity or Volume Per Vial 5mM ​(1.25 µmoles - 0.60 mg)​
Form Liquid
Storage -20°C
Recommended Working Concentration 3 µM (1.43 µg/mL)​​​
Maximum Excitation Wavelength 512 nm (methanol) / 525 nm (HBSS)
Maximum Emission Wavelength 590 nm (HBSS)
Common Filter Set FITC, Cy3.5​
Live Cell Staining Yes
Fixed Cell Staining Yes. See Product Information Sheet for more information
Equivalent Number of Microplates 15-45 x 96-well microplates
10-45​ x 384-well microplates
20-70​ x 1536-well microplates


Color Yellow/Orange
Detection Method Fluorescence
Filter Cy3
Organelle or Cell Compartment Nucleoli
Product Compatibility Live and fixed samples
Product Brand Name PhenoVue
Shipping Condition Dry Ice
Type Individual Reagent
Unit Size 1 vials
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PhenoVue Cellular Imaging Reagents Brochure

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Product Info

PhenoVue 512 Nucleic Acid Stain Product Information Sheet

This is a product information sheet for PhenoVue 512 Nucleic Acid Stain.