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ONE Pesticide420 Reagent Kit

The ONE Pesticide420™ Reagent Kit enables laboratories to quantify pesticide residues in cannabis and hemp samples. Kit includes ready to use CRM Pesticide Standards, Mycotoxin Standards, QC Standards and Internal Standards in a pre-formatted and formulated configuration.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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The ONE Pesticide420™ Reagent Kit is a first of its kind in the industry that offers the lab analyst the most efficient sample preparation possible for pesticide residue analysis in cannabis and hemp samples due to being pre-mixed and pre-formulated ISO 17034:2016 certified reagents.

The kit includes the following reagents:

  • 8 x Calibrator Vials consisting of 77 pesticide standards, 5 Mycotoxin standards, and 30 Internal Standards from 1ng/mL to 250 ng/mL
  • 1 x Intermediate standard mix at 1µg/mL for Laboratory control samples (LCS) Preparation
  • 3 x Quality Control Standard Vials
    • 75 ng/mL Initial calibration verification (ICV) standard prepared from a second Lot
    • 15 and 175 ng/mL Continuing Calibration Verification (CCV) Standards
  • 1 x Internal Standard vial containing 30 Internal Standards

The 77 certified concentrations of the selected pesticide reference standards allow laboratories to meet the pesticide testing requirements in States that included all, or selected analytes found in California and Oregon. To ensure analysis accuracy, the kits contains a panel of non-labeled reference internal standards to allow the quantitation of the pesticides and mycotoxins in a cannabis or hemp matrix.

PerkinElmer offers the most efficient, economical, application relevant and economical Pesticide Kit to meet pesticide residue testing workflow and is designed for use as a reference standard for pesticide and mycotoxin substances during routine analytical quantification using mass spectrometry instrumentation.

The kit is industry leading, novel and competitive for the quantitative analysis of pesticides in cannabis matrixes according to state regulations. This kit includes ready-to-use reagents and standards that simplifies the workflow, improves data quality and saves time, hands-on requirements, consumable reagents and lab bench footprint.

Representative 8-point CRM Pesticide Calibration Curve from ONE Pesticide420 Reagent Kit

Calibration Curve - ONE Pesticide Reagent Kit


Calibration Standards 1 - 250 ppb
Product Specifications Certified Reference Material (ISO 17034:2016)
Sample Type Cannabis and Hemp Samples
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Unit Size 1 kit
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Application Note

Analysis of Pesticides and Mycotoxins in Cannabis and Hemp with the ONE Pesticide420™ ISO17034 CRM Reagent Kit

To help laboratories reduce their turn around time, and improve their overall efficiency and data quality, PerkinElmer has developed the ONE Pesticide420™ ISO 17034 Reagent Kit for labs that operate in accordance with the California, Oregon, or equivalent regulatory requirements. ...

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