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Used Tip Disposable Drip Tray for OilExpress 4 and OilExpress 4 XL

We offer a versatile product line of liquid sampling cells which utilize a specially designed Universal mount suitable for both FT-IR and dispersive instruments, and a wide variety of highquality window materials to meet your analytical needs.

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We offer a complete portfolio of consumables, accessories and supplies that deliver optimal performance in measuring the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), Tg, and TM in materials. Choose from a range of consumables and accessories with a cost efficient range of probes including expansion, compression, flexure, extension, and volumetric (dilatometry).

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Simplified In-Service Lubricant Analysis for OilExpress 4 Ensemble Flyer

Your in-service lubricant testing lab demands high productivity and reliable results. Does your lab measure up to today’s standards with:

  • Effortless high-throughput oil analysis
  • Reliability and cost efficiency operations for highly automated, rapid, reliable oil condition monitoring results
  • Recognized industry standard protocols such as ASTM® and JOAP
  • With a full suite of instrumentation like Spectrum Two FT-IR and OilExpress 4 systems, consumables, training, and service, our combined oil condition monitoring package is designed to support every key aspect of your oil analyses.

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