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Multimodule Ultra-High Throughput Screening Platform

This is a custom, multimodule system that was developed to accommodate both ultra-high-throughput screening and high content screening (HCS) in one integrated platform.

Part Number EG31000
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Configuration Requirements include a fully integrated screening platform to support:

  • 96, 384, 384 low volume and 1536-well plates
  • nL to high μL liquid handling
  • Detection instruments for HCS – image based readouts
  • Cellular and biochemical multimode readouts
  • Parallel assay processing and offline use of individual instruments
  • Parallel and offline access to both workstation modules

The explorer G3 integrated HTS workstation can be used different microplate formats, liquid handling volumes and detection-based read-out methods.

This configuration of the explorer G3 integrated HTS workstation was created with four individual workstations, each able to run independent processes, linked via a bi-directional conveyor belt to create a large integrated screening system poised to automate the entire screening process. Through two integrated 500-plate capacity stores, the compound module has access to nearly 600,000 compounds stored in 384-well plates. Compounds can be transferred into assay plates either in nL amounts utilizing a Labcyte® ECHO® acoustic dispenser or in μL amounts through a JANUS® automated workstation fitted with both 96-and 384-well pipetting heads. Precision dispensing of reagent and cells is realized through a Flexdrop® IV dispenser and two Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi dispensers spread over the individual modules. A 198-plate incubator, as well as a 40-plate incubator, enable plate incubation in different environmental conditions. Assay results are detected either using an EnVision® multilabel plate reader or an Opera® confocal microplate imaging reader.