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MicroBeta2 Microplate Counters for Radiometric and Luminescence Detection with 12-detectors; 16-shelf

The MicroBeta2 system provides advanced radiometric and luminescent detection abilities for GPCRs, kinases, reporter gene assays, and traditional liquid scintillation counting. It delivers superior sensitivity and performance along with flexibility you can depend on.


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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Providing coincidence counting, a unique patented configuration with two photomultiplier tubes that simultaneously detect signal, the MicroBeta2 system ensures high efficiency and extremely low background for a variety of radionuclides. Also, it features time-resolved liquid scintillation counting (TR-LSC), delivering improved counting performance for opaque plates where traditional coincidence counting isn't possible.

More assays, from one powerful system

  • Advanced Detection – Enables detection of beta and gamma isotopes, as well as glow luminescence
  • Filtration-based Receptor Binding Assays – Deliver utmost sensitivity using either UniFilter plates or MicroBeta filtermats
  • Solid-phase Homogeneous Assays – Best-in-class performance in all solid scintillation assays, including beadbased scintillation proximity assays
  • Cell Proliferation – Analyze cell proliferation through filter-based 3H-labeled thymidine uptake
  • Cell Cytotoxicity – 51Cr release assays for cell cytotoxicity using LumaPlate technology or liquid scintillation counting (LSC)
  • Reporter Gene Assays – Glow capabilities for dual reporter gene assays using luciferase and beta lactamase
  • Metabolic Studies – HPLC fraction measurements using LumaPlate technology or traditional cocktail-based approaches in 4-mL tubes
  • Liquid Scintillation Counting – Scaled down traditional vial-based liquid scintillation counting assays to microplates
  • Wipe Test – No need to reserve a second counter for monitoring contamination in your laboratory
  • More Options – Luminometric ELISAs, kinase assays, radioimmunoassays (RIAs), and many others

Consumables and peripherals optimized to get you results:

  • Plate Capacity: 16
  • Plate Formats: 96/384 well
  • Microplate scintillation and luminescence counter – Microplates in 24-, 96-, and 384-well formats; rigid opaque plates for luminescence assays; and isoplates and flexible plates for liquid scintillation counting with cocktails
  • Filter plates, LumaPlate, and more
  • Choose the right filter for your assay from different filter plates like UniFilter plates, or MicroBeta2 -specific filtermats
  • Scale down your vial counting assays with LSC minivials (4 mL) to improve throughput
  • Eppendorf® microtubes, up to 2 mL

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21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Detector Type 12 Detectors
Height 1207.0 mm
Length 645.0 mm
Portable No
Width 433.0 mm
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MicroBeta2 Plate Counter provides advanced capabilities for radiometric and luminescence detection in one instrument.


Regulatory Compliance Certification

Declaration of Conformity - MICROBETA2

Declaration of Conformity for the MICROBETA2