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LimsLink is a laboratory integration solution that reduces errors and costs associated with manual data management in any laboratory by ensuring that laboratory results and sample information are accurately and efficiently transferred in real time between instruments, instrument data systems and informatics systems such as LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, DMS, SAP, etc.

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  • Eliminating manual data entry and transcription errors increases the confidence that the laboratory has in the data they are reporting enabling them to reduce the time and effort spent reviewing data for errors
  • Full integration between all systems simplifies compiling data for reporting and analysis enabling quicker, more efficient delivery of results to business leaders, decision makers and clients
  • Using one solution for all integration requirements can reduce costs for deployment allowing the laboratory to benefit from more efficient data management throughout the organization

A Fully Configurable Solution

LimsLink is a fully configurable interfacing solution with a unique parsing technology that is able to handle complex data files without any coding or scripting, reducing the time and effort required to deploy and maintain instrument interfaces.

More than Just Data Transfer

LimsLink interfaces can automate calculations and routine manual tasks delivering increases in sample throughput, reductions in analyst’s workload and improvements in the overall quality of output.

A Complete Lab Interface Solution

LimsLink helps laboratories in any industry to maximize their investments in instruments and informatics by providing accurate, efficient and real time transfer of data and information between all instruments, instrument data systems and informatics systems.

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