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Multimodality Imaging Software Solutions

When Modalities Combine You See Disease In All Its Dimensions

Maximize your data and gain unique insights into your research by combining images from multiple modalities, including optical, microCT, and PET. Co-registration allows researchers to overlay images from multiple imaging modalities, providing more comprehensive insight into the molecular and anatomical features of a model subject.

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PerkinElmer offers several software solutions for our IVIS®, Quantum and PET imaging systems to enhance and broaden your understanding of disease and its progression.

Living Image® Multimodality Plug-in*

  • DICOM and Vox support
  • Co-registration tools
  • 3D ROI Tool Palette
  • Segmentation and visualization tools

* Must have active Living Image license

VivoQuant (from inviCRO)

  • Complete post-processing suite
  • Combines fundamental image viewing capabilities with power analysis tools

AnalyzePRO (from AnalyzeDirect)

  • Advanced medical imaging visualization, manipulation and analysis