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Lead Discovery Premium

Extend the Power of TIBCO Spotfire® with Advanced Chemical and Biological Intelligence from PerkinElmer.

Lead Discovery Premium transforms TIBCO Spotfire into the premier platform for advanced chemical and biological analytics. Import, filter by, analyze and interpret chemical structures and biosequences alongside other related data in a highly visual and interactive environment for faster insights and better decisions.

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Lead Discovery Premium extends the power of Lead Discovery with advanced chemical and biological intelligence. The following core features of Lead Discovery are also in Lead Discovery Premium:

  • Visualize small molecules using all major chemistry renderers and editors
  • Globally set the preferred chemistry renderer, with one-click switching of common chemistry formats
  • Find structures in external data sources, including tautomeric substructure search
  • Define compound series via structure filters, and auto-update series as new compounds are added
  • Analyze R-group contributions to activity, and auto-update R-group analyses as new compounds are added
  • Auto-detect chemical columns in a loaded data set
  • Calculate physical properties

Lead Discovery Premium adds the following advanced capabilities for more powerful and insightful analyses:

Advanced Chemistry Intelligence

  • One-click transposable SAR table
  • Form views of data
  • SAR map of R-group decomposition, including combining multiple R-group analyses for a set of structures, R-group decomposition on R-groups themselves, and property calculations on R-group fragments
  • Extended palette of data visualizations (radar chart, violin plots, etc.)
  • Multi-parameter optimization visualization and scoring
  • 3D View of structures

Added Biological Intelligence

  • Visualize and analyze biosequences
  • Highlight sequence differences relative to a reference sequence
  • Align sequences via CLUSTAL Omega
  • BLAST search internal and external sequence databases
  • Sequence analysis to relate therapeutic activity to monomer sequences
  • 3D View of large molecules, and analysis to relate sequence regions and monomer positions to the 3D structure
  • Incorporate in-house and third-party analysis pipelines via an extensible Web Services framework

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