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JANUS G3 BioTX Pro Workstation

The affordable and compact JANUS® G3 BioTx Pro Automated Workstation enables consistent, time-saving small-scale protein purification and sample preparation for analytical protein characterization required to support quality by design experimentation in both upstream and downstream processes.

Ideal Workstation for:

  • Expression optimization
  • Cell line selection
  • Purification process development
  • Bioanalytical sample preparation

Part Number YJS80P1
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For Research Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


The JANUS® BioTx Pro Workstations are developed as intuitive, flexible, automated instruments capable of performing parallel small-scale analytical protein purification. A graphical user interface was developed to accommodate a variety of screening experiments designed to determine the optimal conditions for purification of biotherapeutic proteins using small-scale commercially available ion exchange and affinity chromatography solutions.

Three modes of small scale protein purification can be automated on a single platform:

  • PhyNexus PhyTips®
  • GE Healthcare Life Sciences PreDictor plates
  • Media Scout® RoboColumns

The JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Workstation includes:

  • Multiple protein purification techniques on a compact and affordable platform
  • 12 Deck positions with independent 8-channel multiple dispensing pipetting arm
  • Automated plate::shuttle for fraction collection with user-defined fraction volumes to match your needs


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Depth 33.0 in
Pipetting Arms Varispan
Pipetting Module JANUS
Product Brand Name JANUS
Width 43.0 in
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Application Note

Automated Small Scale Protein Purification and Characterization for Accelerated Development of Protein Therapeutics

Small scale protein purification presents opportunities for accelerated process development of biotherapeutic molecules

PDF 988 KB
Rapid Small-Scale Protein Purification and Characterization using the JANUS G3 BioTx Workstation

Antibody-based therapies are one of the largest areas of therapeutics. The developmental stages require researchers to prepare, purify and analyze thousands of samples. Small-scale purification reduces the time needed to purify samples and accelerates the development of biotherapeutics. However, ...

PDF 530 KB


JANUS G3 Automated Workstation Accessory Guide

This guide provides information about accessories for the JANUS G3 Automated Workstations


Specification Sheet

JANUS G3 Automated Workstations Specification Sheet

Specifications for JANUS G3 Automated Liquid Handling Platforms