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IVISbrite D-Luciferin Ultra Bioluminescent Substrate in RediJect Solution (XenoLight)

IVISbrite D-Luciferin Ultra Bioluminescent Substrate in RediJect Solution (RediJect D-Luciferin Ultra K+ salt) is a novel bioluminescent in vivo substrate in a ready-to-use pre-formulated injectable format that includes a fluorescent marker to validate your substrate injection.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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IVISbrite D-Luciferin Ultra Bioluminescent Substrate in RediJect Solution is pre-formulated with a fluorescent marker to validate your substrate injection. With PerkinElmer’s IVISbrite D-Luciferin Ultra you can ensure reproducible results by minimizing variability due to formulation and substrate injection, minimizing freeze/thaw and controlling batch to batch variation.

IVISbrite D-Luciferin Ultra is pre-formulated with a rapidly clearing fluorescent dye to validate the integrity of your substrate injection, so with a quick fluorescent image on your IVIS system you know immediately if an injection failed and you can normalize your bioluminescence results. With IVISbrite D-Luciferin Ultra RediJect bioluminescent substrate, you can have extra confidence in your data quality.

  • Pre-formulated, batch controlled D-Luciferin for in vivo use
  • Instantly validate your injection quality and minimize data variability
  • Save substantial time and effort by minimizing pre-imaging preparation steps
  • Dispensed to image 5 animals per vial (10 vials/kit)
  • In vivo imaging quality, validated on IVIS® imaging systems


Luciferase Classification Firefly
Product Brand Name IVISbrite
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 Units
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Type Luciferin
Unit Size 10 vials
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