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IVISbrite D-Luciferin Potassium Salt Bioluminescent Substrate (1g) (XenoLight)

Luciferin is essential in performing your bioluminescent assays, and the quality of your research depends on the quality of your luciferin. Whether used to perform in vitro assays, or to monitor light production in vivo, PerkinElmer’s high quality IVISbrite D-luciferin Potassium Salt (XenoLIght D-Luciferin K+ salt ) is available at an affordable price.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Optimized D-luciferin for in vivo Imaging

Luciferin is a chemical substance found in the cells of various bioluminescent organisms. When Luciferin is oxidized under the catalytic effects of luciferase and ATP, light is produced. Because the reaction is dependent on ATP, it allows researchers to determine the presence of energy or life. Firefly luciferin is a particularly good reporter for in vitro imaging due to properties of its emission spectra.

Luciferin can be used in a number of ways. It can be used in a variety of in vitro assays, where the production of light can be monitored with either a luminometer or a scintillation counter. It can also be used to monitor light production in vivo, and can be monitored with PerkinElmer's IVIS® imaging platform. Because luciferin can penetrate cell membranes, it allows transformed cells to be monitored for luciferase activity.

Luciferin can also be used with PerkinElmer's IVISbrite luciferase expressing tumor cell lines and our IVISbrite lentiviral particles. There are many considerations when choosing a luciferin substrate and it is important to know that you are using the highest quality Luciferin for your experiments.

This IVISbrite D-Luciferin Potassium Salt Bioluminescent Substrate is available in a 1g unit size.

Molecular Information: C11H7 KN2 O3 S2 (MW: 318.4)


Luciferase Classification Firefly
Product Brand Name IVISbrite
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 Units
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Type Luciferin
Unit Size 1 x 1 g
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