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Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a single, integrated inventory management solution that provides laboratories with all of the features and functions that are needed to effectively and efficiently manage any and all types of materials.

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Inventory Management provides chemists, biochemists, biologists, and technicians with a single solution for integrated management of a wide range of materials including chemical containers, biologics, consumables and other assets.

  • 3-Tier structure allows for separation of different types of materials simplifying management and navigation while searching for inventory
  • Inventory can be accessed while executing laboratory tasks within iLAB to manage and control approval of materials before use
  • Workflows can be implemented to automate and streamline many routine tasks such as requesting for materials to be shipped, production or purchase of new materials or requalification of materials

Flexible Support for all Types of Materials

A three tiered hierarchal structure gives laboratories the flexibility to manage information that is relevant to the different types of materials in their inventory. This structure allows for clear levels of segregation for different materials within the inventory system. Electronic forms are easily configured to capture the specific data and identifying characteristics for each type of material.

Location Management Provides Control over Placement of Materials

Locations or container types can have associated metadata that can be used to identify storage conditions or to control placement of materials. For example, in order to prevent contamination, Inventory Management can be configured to not display freezers that contain mammalian cells when displaying possible box locations for bacterial cells.

Advanced Workflows Automate and Streamline Inventory Procedures

Integration of Inventory Management with the iLAB LES enables the implementation of advanced workflows that can automate and streamline many of the routine tasks for inventory management, from requesting to requalification to disposal. These advanced workflow capabilities can reduce the load on analysts while helping to ensure they follow inventory procedures and inventory records are kept accurate and up to date.