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iLAB Laboratory Execution System

The iLAB Laboratory Execution System (LES) provides QA/QC laboratories with a structured platform that eliminates paper while automating and controlling testing procedures.

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Laboratory managers can be confident that analysts are following testing procedures each and every time, while they are processing samples as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Automation of routine tasks reduces the workload for analysts and reduces the possibility of errors
  • Integration with other informatics systems ensures that SOP requirements (instrument calibration, use of appropriate materials, analyst training, etc.) are rigorously followed each and every time
  • Electronic worksheets can be quickly retrieved when needed for investigations, audits or to demonstrate adherence to regulatory compliance requirements

Leverage Existing Processes

QA/QC laboratories invest considerable time, expertise and knowledge in the development of the paper documents they use. Worksheets, bench forms, log books and SOPs represent processes and workflows that have been developed and refined over the course of time.

iLAB’s industry leading ReDI technology leverages that investment by transferring existing paper documents directly into iLAB where they become the interface that the analyst works with during test execution. Laboratories aren’t forced to change their processes in order to conform to the software. Training requirements are reduced and system acceptance is increased as analysts and technicians are able to work with a familiar and comfortable interface.

Real Time Integration Delivers Advanced Procedural Control and Automation

iLAB is closely integrated with other PerkinElmer Informatics products to enable real time sharing of information that is critical to test execution. Having access to that information, at the time of analysis and at the bench level, enables iLAB to provide step-by-step control over the execution of procedures and to automate many of the manual activities that are the source of errors in paper-based systems.

Eliminate paper, Automate Processes and Control Procedural Execution

iLAB eliminates the obvious draw backs and costs of paper based systems while providing the level of bench level control and automation over procedures that QA/QC labs need to ensure that SOP requirements are being met each and every time.