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Chemokine CCR3 receptor (human recombinant) AequoZen Frozen Cells

Our frozen, irradiated AequoZen® cells express a variety of GPCRs which all couple to a calcium response. Upon GPCR stimulation and subsequent calcium binding to the aequorin oxidation of coelenterazine leads to emission of light.

This product contains living cells. Some cells may be restricted for sale in specified countries. Please inquire at your local sales office for more information.

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AequoZen® Double Transfected Cell Lines: CCR3 receptor, human recombinant, in CHO-K1 host cell. One vial of non-propagatable cells is shipped per order. A detailed technical dossier includes sequence, culture conditions and pharmacological properties of the recombinant receptor. All cell lines are tested for the absence of mycoplasma. Terms and conditions apply. Some products are not available in some countries. Please inquire at your local sales office for more information.


  • Ready-to-use cells; no cell culture required (dispense and assay)
  • Fully automatable and miniaturizable to 1536
  • Enables reduction in reagents and consumable costs
  • High signal to background ratio enabling detection of agonists, antagonists and allosteric modulators
  • Robust assay (Z', CV values, solvent resistance)
  • Reduces the number of false positives from autofluorescent compounds in screening libraries
  • Option to work with cells in suspension to increase throughput
  • Amenable for use with calcium coupled ion channels and tyrosine kinase receptors

AequoZen technology is a generic GPCR technology which can be used with Gs, Gi and Gq coupled GPCRs and calcium coupled ion channels. Following receptor stimulation, increases in intracellular calcium enable measurement of the resulting flash luminescence signal.


Assay Target Type Cell Line
Assay Validated Calcium Luminescence
Host CHO-K1
Product Brand Name AequoZen
Receptor Family Gi/Go
Receptor Type Chemokine
Shipping Condition Dry Ice
Unit Size 10 Million Cells
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