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Calcium-release activated channel CRAC / SOCE (STIM1/ORAI1)

Stable, recombinant PhotoScreen® cell line expressing a photoprotein and the Calcium-release activated channel (CRAC), human recombinant in HEK293 host cells.

Part Number AX-013-PCL
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Cell Line Terms and Conditions must be accepted before orders are placed. Additional agreement needed for commercial use.


PerkinElmer’s PhotoScreen® double transfected cell lines are provided in two vials of frozen cells, each containing ∽2.5 x 106 cells. Detailed product information as well as recommended cell culture conditions and validation assay date are available for each cell line.

PhotoScreen is an alternative technology to fluorescent dyes being used on the FLIPR for studying GPCR targets. The large robust signal generated lets you screen for agonists, antagonists and allosteric modulators with reduced false positives.

PerkinElmer’s PhotooScreen cell lines require accepted cell line Terms and Conditions prior to order processing. Additional agreement needed for commercial use. Contact us using the Request More Information button above for additional information regarding required documentation.


Assay Target Class Ion channel
Assay Target Type Cell line
Assay Validated Calcium Luminescence
Host HEK293
Product Brand Name PhotoScreen
Quantity in a Package Amount 5.0 Million Cells
Receptor Type CRAC
Second Messenger Release Calcium flux
Shipping Condition Dry Ice
Special Ordering Information Requires accepted Terms and Conditions. Additional agreement needed for commercial use.
Unit Size 2 vials
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PhotoScreen Luminescent Calcium Assays: Applications on the LumiLux and FLIPR(TETRA)

Ca2+-activated photoproteins are important tools for analyzing all aspects of Ca2+-mediated signal transduction processes in mammalian cells. One of their characteristics is the immediate photon release (flash luminescence) upon Ca2+ binding to the coelenterazine photoprotein complex, which makes th ...

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