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HarmonySecure RP18 LC Column - 75 mm, 4.6 mm I.D., 3.5 μm

HarmonySecure is an equivalent to Waters SymmetryShield HPLC column. HarmonySecure RP18 utilizes polar embedded technology for superior HPLC analysis. The structure of polar embedded phases inherently incorporates a hydrophilic layer between the silica surface and the reversed-phase layer. The generated hydrophilic layer delivers outstanding peak shape performance and unique selectivity for many separations. Other HarmonySecure phases are also available including RP8.

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Legacy methods, by their very nature, often use older column technologies. These older phases can be accompanied by larger variations in batch to batch performance which can lead to inconsistent results and cause out of specification (OOS) occurrences. With routine analysis, often completed with compliant procedures, any unplanned down to investigate OOS instances can impact productivity. The ES Industries range of clone phases offer a cost-effective comparable alternative to many of the older leading brands, whilst ensuring consistency and stability in analysis. Our product line is fully scalable from analytical to preparative columns, please enquire for more information.


Inner Diameter 4.6 mm
Length 75.0 mm
Particle Size 3.5 µm
Phase RP18