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10 mm, 2.0 mm I.D., 5 μm ChromegaChiral CCA F4 Analytical Guard Cartridges (Pkg.5)

ChromegaChiral CCA F4 is a tris(4-Fluoro 3-methylphenylcarbamate) amylose phase which can be used in SFC or HPLC. ChromegaChiral CCA F4 incorporates a fluoro group in its structure. The addition of a fluorine atom into a phenyl carbamate amylose structure can be useful in promoting fluorophilic retention mechanism which can provide improved retention for fluorinated compounds. A fluorophilic retention mechanism can be particularly useful in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, where more than a third of newly approved small molecule drugs contain fluorine.

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10.0 mm
2 mm
5.0 µm
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10.0 mm
3 mm
5.0 µm
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Chirality has become critically important in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural industries. The subtle differences that make compounds chiral can produce dramatically different pharmacological effects in biological systems. As a result, the demand for stereoselective separation techniques and analytical assays to evaluate the enantiomeric purity of chiral compounds, has increased. Chiral chromatography in the forms of HPLC and SFC has become a necessary tool - not only for the analytical determination of enantiomeric purity, but also for the isolation and purification of enantiomers.

As a leader in chiral separations we are able to offer you a broad range of ES Industries ChromegaChiral Chiral Stationary Phases (CSPs) for your analytical and preparative chromatography needs. Existing chiral stationary phases can separate a wide variety of chiral mixtures, however there are still enantiomeric mixtures that are difficult to separate limiting their characterization. This provides our drive to develop new CSPs with differing chiral selectivities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent selectivity range to enhance method development
  • Superior resolution and efficiency
  • High pressure limit for increased flexibility
  • Fast optimization for increased throughput
  • One column for both SFC and HPLC use


Inner Diameter 2 mm
Length 10.0 mm
Particle Size 5.0 µm
Phase CCA F4
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