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Chromegabond PSC C8/C18 Analytical Guard Cartridges - 10 mm, 3.0 mm I.D., 5 μm, Pkg. 5

Chromegabond® PSC (pharmaceutical separation column) is a unique C8/C18 combination stationary phase and is versatile for many pharmaceutical applications. This phase is prepared using a mixture of C8 and C18 groups. In addition to this unique bonding arrangement, PSC columns incorporate technology to produce PSC columns with a tightly controlled number of residual silanol groups. These columns are able to retain both highly polar and hydrophobic compounds. The Chromegabond PSC is a versatile column that can be used for applications requiring either a C8 or C18.

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We have developed a wide range of Chromegabond phase columns to provide the means of separating a broad range of compounds. These phases are manufactured using established procedures and have been produced for a number of years to provide the chromatographer/QC chemist with continuous stream of highly reproducible columns. Many of these columns are useful for older USP designated methods, including Chromegabond Amino/Cyano, C2 and C6. The Chromegabond MC18 can provide alternative selectivity to other C18 columns due to the smaller 60 Å pore size. Additionally, the RP-SCX/IPI is an aromatic based strong cation exchanger with C8 alkyl chains, for ion exchange applications.


Inner Diameter 3 mm
Length 10.0 mm
Particle Size 5.0 µm
Phase PSC C18/C8