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GreenSep NP-III Prep LC Columns - 150 mm, 30 mm I.D., 5 μm

GreenSep NP-III is the product of column research efforts to develop products that are specifically designed to tackle the separation of complex natural product samples. GreenSep NP-III has been specifically optimized for the rapid separation and isolation of CBDA and THCA from cannabis. It has similar separation characteristics to 2-Ethyl pyridine, a stationary phase and column traditionally used for separation and isolation of THCA and CBDA. However, GreenSep NP-III is able to rapidly separate both THCA and CBDA using minimal amount of ethanol as modifier solvent for CO2 mobile phase used in SFC.

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Many SFC separations have utilized “older normal phase HPLC types” of stationary phases such as unmodified silica, diol, amino and cyano. These phases are poorly adapted to SFC and present a number of limitations for SFC separations including low capacity, poor selectivity and poor peak shape. GreenSep stationary phases, on the other hand, have been specifically engineered for SFC separations, paying close attention to bonding coverage, density and all factors leading to high capacity phases which exhibit excellent selectivity and peak shape. Many of the GreenSep phases designed for basic and acidic compounds do NOT require mobile phase additives that are commonly required with other brands of phases. The GreenSep range features a variety of selectivities offering orthogonality. All of these materials are available in analytical and also semi-preparative (10 mm), and preparative (20 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm i.d.) dimensions. Additionally, comprehensive technical and method development assistance is offered. Shown below is a column selection guide for the development of a SFC separation with the GreenSep Pyridyl Amide being the go-to column of choice, followed by the other columns.

Features and Benefits:

  • Specifically designed for high performance SFC separations resulting in superior separation, selectivity, peak shape, and loading capacity compared to conventional normal-phase HPLC materials adapted for SFC
  • Highly efficient columns with superior reproducibility produced from our rigorous bonding procedures
  • Directly scalable from analytical to preparative on the same media to streamline purification and maximise operational efficiency
  • Many phases have been specifically engineered using functional group chemistry that don’t require mobile phase additives such as triethyl amine


Inner Diameter 30 mm
Length 150.0 mm
Particle Size 5.0 µm
Phase NP-III
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Product Note

SFC Isolation of THC-Delta 9 and THCV in Cannabis Using GreenSep NP-II

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) is a powerful chromatographic technique for the separation of complex mixtures, which has been useful in the areas of preparative chromatography and rapid analysis chromatography.

GreenSep NP-II is the product of our column research efforts to develo ...

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