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G8 PET/CT Preclinical Imaging System

Ultrasensitive and fast multimodal preclinical PET/CT imaging at your benchtop. The G-Platform offers Full Solutions for PET Imaging  and includes the G4 and G8 imaging systems.

Part Number CLS139564
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


The G-Platform offers full solutions for PET Imaging and includes the G4 and G8 imaging systems introduced by PerkinElmer in partnership with Sofie Biosciences. The G8 preclinical PET/CT imaging system redefines PET/CT. Purposely developed for small animal imaging this technology offers exquisite sensitivity while supporting fast imaging parameters, all in a seamless format. The G8 preclinical PET/CT imaging system enables high-quality breakthrough innovation, impacting overall research in biodistribution, ADME/Tox, oncology and neuroimaging applications.

Benchtop PET/CT Scanner at Unparalleled Sensitivity

The G8 high impact PET/CT integrates revolutionary PET technology with a high-quality, sub-minute microCT scanner to produce quality images and quantitative data. The system is supported with integrated anesthesia, intuitive workflow, and ease-of-use software, all within an ultra-compact footprint of 22” W by 28” H to fit in any biology, radiochemistry and core lab.

Simplified Workflow and Analysis

An essential tool for translational research, the G8 PET/CT system offers advanced automatic co-registration of acquired PET and CT data generating tomographic, whole body images with organ-level anatomical references. Our PET platform is equipped with a unique docking station offering automated anesthesia and heating for efficient animal prep, simplified and higher throughput workflow.

  • Compact bench top system 
  • High performance PET imaging designed for pre-clinical imaging 
  • Integrated PET and CT design that automatically co-registers tomographic whole body images 
  • Ultra-fast automatic image reconstruction
  • Advanced data acquisition and analysis software


Height 71.0 cm
Imaging Modality PET Imaging
Portable No
Product Brand Name G-Platform
Width 56.0 cm
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3D Multimodality Imaging: See disease in all its dimensions

It’s simple: More information means more understanding,For today’s researchers in oncology, infectious diseases, inflammation, neuroscience, stem cells,and other disciplines, there’s an increasing need for in vivo imaging that enables you to visualize,multiple events simultaneously and to extract the maximum amount of information from each,subject – leading to greater biological understanding.,Multimodal imaging enables a better understanding of disease biology. By utilizing in vivo,optimized bioluminescent and fluorescent agents and radioactive probes, researchers can,measure depth, volume, concentration, and metabolic activity, providing a wealth of information,for untangling the mysteries of disease.,Coregistration allows researchers to overlay images from multiple imaging modalities, providing,more comprehensive insight into the molecular and anatomical features of a model subject.,For example, optical imaging data can be used to identify and quantify tumor burden at,the molecular level and, when integrated with microCT, provides a quantitative 3D view of,anatomical and functional readouts.,At PerkinElmer, we’ve developed industry leading imaging technology for preclinical research.,Our technology integrates 3D optical and PET modalities with microCT to provide a better,understanding of disease. And that means better monitoring of disease progression, earlier,detection of treatment efficacy, and deeper understanding of metabolic changes that take place,throughout disease development.



Poster: Optical Imaging of Bombesin and Transferring Receptor Expression

This poster demonstrates that optical imaging of bombesin and transferrin receptor expression is comparable to 18F-FDG in assessing early drug efficacy.


Product Note

G8 PET/CT Imaging System (Product Note)

PET/CT Imaging at Your Benchtop.,PerkinElmer and Sofie Biosciences have,partnered together to bring the latest,generation in vivo imaging technology to,preclinical investigators with the innovative G8 PET/CT system. The G8 is,designed to function more like an imaging lab than traditional PET scanner,offering a full workflow solution.,The G8 PET/CT delivers high resolution, high sensitivity PET scanning,integrated with a sub-minute, low dose microCT. The G8 provides fully,quantitative data, while maintaining workflow advantages including,docking stations with imaging chambers, integrated anesthesia and,intuitive imaging protocol creation menus. This highly versatile system,is designed to integrate into your current preclinical research workflow,in a broad-range of applications from neurology, oncology, cardiology,biodistribution and drug discovery.


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White Paper

Setting up a PET Imaging Lab (White Paper)

The Role of PET In Preclinical Imaging,Molecular imaging enables scientists to non-invasively visualize, characterize and quantify,normal and pathologic processes in vivo at the cellular and subcellular level. Positron-emission,tomography (PET) is a molecular imaging technology which utilizes radionucleotides to deliver,high spatial and temporal resolution data. The G-Platform, G4 PET/X-ray and G8 PET/,CT systems, removes many of the technical hurdles for the scientist that may want to,incorporate PET imaging into their research lab. However, there are some regulatory and,safety requirements one must satisfy before the lab is approved to perform PET imaging studies.,This white paper will outline many of the key regulatory and safety considerations, as well as,providing a list of materials to consider purchasing to outfit a preclinical PET imaging facility.

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