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G8 PET/CT Preclinical Imaging System

Ultrasensitive and fast multimodal preclinical PET/CT imaging at your benchtop. The G-Platform offers Full Solutions for PET Imaging  and includes the G4 and G8 imaging systems.

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The G-Platform offers full solutions for PET Imaging and includes the G4 and G8 imaging systems introduced by PerkinElmer in partnership with Sofie Biosciences. The G8 preclinical PET/CT imaging system redefines PET/CT. Purposely developed for small animal imaging this technology offers exquisite sensitivity while supporting fast imaging parameters, all in a seamless format. The G8 preclinical PET/CT imaging system enables high-quality breakthrough innovation, impacting overall research in biodistribution, ADME/Tox, oncology and neuroimaging applications.

Benchtop PET/CT Scanner at Unparalleled Sensitivity

The G8 high impact PET/CT integrates revolutionary PET technology with a high-quality, sub-minute microCT scanner to produce quality images and quantitative data. The system is supported with integrated anesthesia, intuitive workflow, and ease-of-use software, all within an ultra-compact footprint of 22” W by 28” H to fit in any biology, radiochemistry and core lab.

Simplified Workflow and Analysis

An essential tool for translational research, the G8 PET/CT system offers advanced automatic co-registration of acquired PET and CT data generating tomographic, whole body images with organ-level anatomical references. Our PET platform is equipped with a unique docking station offering automated anesthesia and heating for efficient animal prep, simplified and higher throughput workflow.

  • Compact bench top system 
  • High performance PET imaging designed for pre-clinical imaging 
  • Integrated PET and CT design that automatically co-registers tomographic whole body images 
  • Ultra-fast automatic image reconstruction
  • Advanced data acquisition and analysis software

Disclaimer:  For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Imaging Modality PET Imaging
Portable No
Product Brand Name G-Platform

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