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UHP-35ZA-S Zero Air Generator - 30 L/min, 230 V

These generators produce zero-grade air with less than 0.05 ppm hydrocarbon content, measured as methane, enabling a more stable baseline as compared to conventional sources of fuel air.

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Detail Information

The Zero Air Gas Generator produces zero grade air from compressed air through catalytic oxidation. This zero air is used as an oxidant supply to GC-FIDs and as a zero-grade gas supply/zero reference gas for process analytical instruments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Flow Rate: 30 L/min
  • Air Inlet @ 58-145 psig: 35 L/min
  • Dimensions: 42.4 cm x 34 cm x 46 cm (16.7 in x 13.4 in x 17.9 in)
  • Weight: 14.2 kg (31.3 lbs)
  • Organic Purity: <0.1 ppm
  • Delivery Pressure: 58-145 psi/g
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 41-104℉
  • Required Inlet Air Quality: Clean dry compressed air ISO8573-1:2001 Class 3.2.1
  • Supply Voltage Range: 230 V/50-60 Hz +/- 10%
  • Outlet: 1/4 inch Compression fitting
  • Inlet: 1/4 inch Compression fitting


Product Group Zero Air Generators
Technology Type Gas Chromatography (GC)
Voltage 230 V
Volume Capacity 30 L/min